Sunday, December 16, 2007

9 Knitting Days Left til Christmas

Ok, so the last pair of socks is off the needles. I feel a little better about life now that I know that I don't have to knit another pair of men's socks for at least a few months. Why did I leave the huge socks til last? That was unwise at best. Ah. Now I can think about more selfish socks. (Cat Bordhi, I hear your siren call.)

And the last Christmas gift on my needles is progressing nicely. It is a cute little wrap for my cute little kid from Holiday Gifts. I really like this project. You do the sleeves at the same time as the body so it just seems to flow.

Unfortunately, I'm paying a price for knitting this. My pair of rosewood 4mm straights snapped while I was mid-row. I'm beginning to think I might be the kind of knitter who prefers circs to straights. It's too soon to pass judgement.

I am, however, very tempted to knit things for myself. And some people out there in blogland are not helping. (I'm talking to you, Sarahjanet. Keep your crazy two colored mitten talk to yourself. ) So in the fullness of time, I plan on knitting this, and this, and maybe this.

2008 is looking good.


T. said...

Those mitts are FABULOUS. Can I watch the EZ video about 2-color knitting so I can make them too??

And your progress is great!!

Christie said...

Super cute wrap!

I knit the english style, and I can't use circular needles well, they twist around too much for my liking!

SarahJanet said...

Maybe. Ha! I laugh in the face of your maybe.

And T, the two-colour thing is WAY easier than I expected.

There's a knitalong on Ravelry!

taxitalk said...

my girlfriend needs to learn to knit

Anonymous said...

I love that wrap!

And the mittens look awesome. As usual, I will chicken out and live vicariously through you as I am afraid to knit them myself.


J. said...

Yeah, those mittens scare me too. I'm counting on SJ and EZ to get me through. And maybe a glass of wine or two. I think those little birdies are worth it.

J. said...
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