Monday, December 31, 2007

Knitting Resolutions

I'm not a big fan of resolutions. It's the researcher in me. People say "I want to be healthier", "I want to lose weight", "I want to start running". I think - how are you going to do that? What is your measurable outcome? To me, goal-setting makes more sense. Set an attainable goal and try and get there.

So, I'm making Knitting Resolutions/Goals. Measurable with timelines and specifics.

1. Everything that is currently on my needles will be off my needles by July 1st. If not, it's ripped. This includes the beast of a never-ending sweater. It includes those socks that I lost (and now have found). My Rowena is in there as well (but in breaking news, it's blocked and partially sewn together....).

2. I will only buy yarn that has a specific purpose in mind. I'm trying to reduce stash enhancement. After cleaning out my yarn bins yesterday - I realize I don't really need any yarn. I have tons. So I need to use up what I have. But, let's say I want to knit my boys new sweaters - fine. I can go get yarn specific to that project but nothing else. There is a little loophole with this....sock yarn is ALWAYS specifically for socks, so I can get away with that. (these are my resolutions, so I make the rules).

3. I will donate any unused balls of yarn to a women's shelter. I have unused balls that just sit and sit. I think I'm going to use them someday and they're still there. They would be better served helping someone else. So next December 31st I will pass them on. I have visual record of everything I have to date, so I can easily purge next year.

That's pretty much it. I have lots of knitting I want to do, and dream of doing. We'll see what 2008 holds in store for that.

In a last tip of the hat for 2007, I present my most proud piece of knitting from the year (since SPM asked)- my husband's sweater vest. It's not complicated, but it turned out beautifully. The best finishing I've ever done by far. I took my time and it was worth it. And, he's worn it twice already. He just may be on his way to a full sweater next year....


J. said...

Nicely done, my friend. And next year at this time I'll help you help others by donating a chunk of my yarn, too.

Happy knitting in 2008.

Anonymous said...

You're so ambitious. I resolve to actually finish the two pairs of socks I have on the needles before the year is up.

And I'm so happy the husband is wearing the vest. It looks awesome.