Thursday, December 20, 2007

Keeping Your Cockles Warm

T. and I got together for a little Christms gift giving. More than that it was a time to finally unveil some projects that have been kept secret for quite some time.I made T. a Huckleberry Ascot in orange, her signature color. (T. did you know you have a signature color?) It's cozy alpaca and of course she wears it well. Now T. can whip up a matching pair of mittens, right?

I also got her some green laceweight silk/seacell in Vancouver in August. I can't tell you how many times she bugged me about getting her some of that silk and could I please get some for her and hey, if I'm going to Vancouver maybe I could just stop in to that silk store if I had time. Leave me alone! You have 1.5 km of laceweight to ball up. Get crackin'!

T.'s little dudes got some handmade socks which will be extra slippery on their hardwood floors. (I love Lorna's Laces, don't you?)

My little princess and I got a pair of handknit hats. Hers has a flower on top. It is her new favorite thing and she insists on wearing it around the house. It is very cute, especially when it falls down low and she has to tip her head back to see where she is going.

And can you believe that T. hand dyed yarn for me? Who knew she was so talented? It is soft and the colors are very vibrat. I love these colors and can't wait to whip up some new socks! I made T. promise to have a dying day with me for my birthday in January and then again for hers in February.
**Mush Alert**
It's nice to have people that share your interests like coffee, shopping and knitting. It is something altogether different to meet someone who can be yourself around and not feel judged. Not everyone would put time and energy into making a mess of their kitchen just to add food color to sheep's hair in a color that they don't really like just because they know it would make you happy.
Thanks for the hat and the gorgeous yarn, T. But more importantly, thanks for your friendship. Merry Christmas.


T. said...

Thanks J. You're the only person I'd do that for!
And boys donned new socks today for slippery floors at the babysitters!! And I look very jaunty in my ascot.

J. said...

I love jaunty, don't you? It's such a great word and it reminds me of horsejumping and polo.

Jill said...

Can we have a dying day for *my* birthday in January?? The yarns and knits look great guys! Happy whatever it is you choose to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

So after a blogging break, I'm back. It looks like I missed a lot.

What excellent gifts you gave each other. On another note, I think we should bring back the word "jaunty". Excellent. And I'll also admit to being a bit of a child and giggling at the word "cockles" in the title. I know, I'm like 6 years old. Merry belated Christmas, you two.