Thursday, December 6, 2007

J.'s Christmas Workshop

Everyone is busy in J.'s Christmas workshop. The elves are baking almost every day. They've even done a little decorating. Yes, everyone in J.'s Christmas Workshop is busy getting ready for Santa.

Buttons have been selected and attached.

Heels have been turned.

Gifts are being blocked and new ones cast on.

A clutch has been whipped up in preparation for celebrations! (I think I'll be making these as gifts next Christmas so if I know you and you'd like one, let me know. They're way faster to knit than socks!)

It's even lined! Sometimes, these elves really do impress me.

And just to keep you tied to reality, I present the ghost of Christmas past.

(T. would like you to know that this gift was knit with love. Why else would you continue to knit this scarf? Gauge is a grinch.)


T. said...

Love the pic of the scarf.
And every stitch was knit with love -- every FREAKIN one of that beast.

catknip said...

Ha! I remember the scarf in its infant days. Who knew it would turn out to be such a beast!

brandy said...

The clutch is pretty! I love the color.

andi said...

You are quite the busy little elf!

It looks like that scarf is eating your face. Too funny.