Sunday, December 2, 2007

The STASH Survey - Updated Results

So I got some grief from fellow people in the research biz about the name of our survey (the BMPISS survey). It's true - I'm in a profession where naming your study is important stuff - entire meetings are spent trying to come up with appropriate acronyms. We like names like HOPE, LIFE, BRILLIANT and PRAISE (I did not make any of those up - these are actual studies....)

So no, I didn't spend much time coming up with the name of the sock stash survey - sorry. Unfortunately - this blogger thing doesn't earn me any money, unlike my real-life job where I get paid to come up with study names.

Here were some of the suggestions:

SOCK - Stash Of Crazy Knitters

ADMIT - BaAD Medicine Informal poll of sock sTashes

STASH - Survey To Assess Sock yarn Hoarding

All excellent suggestions - but I felt STASH encapsulated our objectives best, and all important criterion for study naming. And the person who suggested this name watched some Oprah show on hoarding and is somewhat concerned about this now (you're not anywhere near those crazies yet Lauren).

Here are some numbers from Edmonton Ravelers:

Jillygirl admits to 17

dandelionfluff to approx 40

bonebagz to 10

No one else wanted to respond...can't understand why....

I'm not going to do any formal statistical analysis (oh, I could, trust me) to correlate size of stash with different personality characteristics, or financial status, or age, or sex. Maybe I'll apply for a grant to further our research in that area...but until that time, I think the average is somewhere between 1 and infinity and since we all land somewhere in there, we're all average and none of us has a problem.


J. said...

I like STASH, too. It just says so much.

And it's nice to know that there is always someone out there with more yarn than you.

Lauren said...

I love it! I can definitely forgive you for the first acronym - you're a very busy girl.

Jill(yGirl) said...

I've found more sock yarn...I didn't count it, but if I remember correctly there is probably another 2-3 pairs worth bringing my total up to 20ish.

catknip said...

Don't you love playing in your stash? I love updating my Ravelry stash with new yarn and then sitting in front of the computer in my cozy pajamas and some tea and just looking around.

Should I get out more?