Saturday, December 29, 2007


Christmas is such a busy time of year. You bake. You knit. You shop. You wrap. Then it's over and you feel like you've been hit by a truck and a your house is overtaken by boxes and wrapping paper.

I finished the Dragon Skin Wrap for my little one and it garnered many compliments from my aunts on Christmas Eve. I used Butterfly cotton which has a lovely sheen.

I also managed to finish off my Christmas Kerchief but only by the skin of my teeth. (Where did this saying come from? You've got some serious problems if your teeth have skin.) It was finished blocking on the morning of Christmas Eve. I broke from convention and wore it tied to the back which was cozy indeed.

Having some free moments in the holiday bustle, I cast on a vest for my nephew using some Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton I had lying around. I consulted Ann Budd's pattern central and whipped up this little number in a couple of days.

I am currently trying to read Cat Bordhi's mind. It is, in fact, very difficult. I cast on the Jeweled Steps from her new book in a luscious cashmere sock yarn. Cat thinks in such a new way that I find that I must interpret many of her instructions. Her descriptions are good but she uses terms and language that I am not really familiar with. All in all, I think I'm learning something and the finished pair will be appreciated by the intended recipient.

By the way, we got a new camera for Christmas. It makes my knitting look pretty good, don't you think?


T. said...

Yep - the pics looks good!! As does all that knittin'

Lauren said...

You're such an amazing knitter! Everything looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Your kid gets cuter every time I see her - she must get that from her mama :)

And the camera does make the knitting look fabulous. Although I'm sure it already looked that way in the first place.