Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes I can't make a decision to...well, come to a conclusion. I waffle back and forth and back and to the side and still can't decide. On some things, I'm entirely decisive. Politics, certain parenting decisions (those regarding sleep at least), and food.

Not with knitting however. Is it that there is too many choices? Or is it that I just get bored easily (yep, probably that one)?

So, in order to decide what to make I need some of your help. Hopefully you can be more decisive than me.

Option #1: February Lady Sweater
I guess I want to be like everyone else in the entire world, and make this. I have a yellow-ish yarn to go with it, so it will fit the theme of Maillot Jaune (the Yellow Jersey).

Option #2: The Tilted Duster
This was my original plan. It really doesn't fit the theme at all. It will also be near impossible to finish, but the point is to pick something challenging.

Option #3: Argosy
This is the newest member in the fleet of choices. I think a scarf is very French so it fits the theme. And I want to make it with this yarn that J. picked up for me from Toronto. I am currently in love with this yarn and want to eat it. It's 100% silk and hand-dyed by the amazing dyers of Handmaiden.

And this is actually something I can wear this summer.

Option #4: An Abridged Lace Ribbon Scarf
I'd use the same yarn as above, but make a skinnier version of the scarf, because I only have about 250m. Again, this is something I can wear right now. And I'm ALL 'bout instant gratification.

Option #5: The Aleita Shell
I bought yarn to make this shell this summer, and it keeps getting pushed back. The yarn is yellow (again fitting with the theme). It's pretty. It's summery. It's not overly exciting, but, I don't hold that against it.

I think those are the main options. I am open to other suggestions, because I'm sure that won't muddy the water at all. You have till Friday July 4th to comment. We cast-on July 5th.

(Oh, and I already know what J. will suggest....I've written it down and will let you know what my guess is after she comments.....)


J. said...

Option 6: Hemlock Ring Blanket.

Did you see that coming?

T. said...

REally - that's what you think I should do?

Elisa said...

I vote for the Argosy. You want to make it, you love the yarn. The others sound more like you think you should make them 'cause they better fit the them. When in doubt, go with what you love!

Suzanne said...

As much as I love the February sweater and have it in my queue, I would have to second Argosy. It was a fun knit and the yarn is gorgeous.

Metta said...

I also think the Argosy will be the best choice for the TDF-knitting. The yarn seems to be perfect for this scarf.

I am very curious what you will decide to cast on Saturday. Good Luck!

Jill said...

I think you should do the Argosy. I would really like to see a completed one after mine made me mad and took a trip to the frog pond!

betseydoodle said...

Hi, I'm on Team Liquigas....
Absolutely go with the handmaiden yarn...Anything in Handmaiden's worth every stitch...

Bonne Chance on the tour!

Lori said...

I'm going to buck the trend and vote for the Lace Ribbon Scarf - cuz it's pretty & I'm all about instant gratification too!

(your CSC Team Mate)

moosh in indy. said...

I'm not even going to look at any others because you are going to make that first sweater and then you are going to send it to me the end.

judy said...

I like Option 1. In fact, I'm going to queue it.

cathyannhenry said...

I would go for the February Lady Sweater. It's just gorgeous. My other choice would be the Argosy, but somehow a scarf (even a complex one) doesn't seem like enough of a challenge to compare to the Tour de France, and you're not aiming for the Green Jersey, so you don't have to get it all done, right?

Sarah said...

I would say Argosy