Sunday, July 6, 2008

T. Casts On

My love and I wait all year for the start of it. We plan our weekend activities around when it's on. We read up months in advance to see who's in and who's out. I dream of being the flag waver to warn riders of the traffic circles. When Punky was 1 he knew what the word 'peloton' meant.

Le Tour.

The one and only.

With it I've decided to cast-on the February Lady Sweater.

The Argosy was the true winner of the vote, but I went with CathyAnn's suggestion that the FLS was likely more of a challenge to finish in the 3 week timeframe. I actually was surprised by the votes for Argosy. I just kind of threw it in at the last minute, but it's obviously a well-loved pattern.

So, 3 weeks of gorgeous French countrysides, mountain views, sunflowers, crazy people running after bikes, and don't forget the bike-riding.

I love July.


Metta said...

I voted for the Argosy, but I agree with CathyAnn that the February Lady Sweater is more of a challenge. As you know I am struggling a little with mine. Maybe I will try to make it ready during the Tour.

I have never been especially interested in the Tour, but this year I will follow it on the blogs.

J. said...

So no to the Hemlock Ring, then?

What needles/size combo did you decide on?

T. said...

Currently I'm going with Medium and 5mm. I did think yours fit nicely - I'll just make mine longer. I have issues with over-sizing things you know..

andi said...

I love the color! Have fun watching the tour and knitting.

Sarah said...

Should be a beauty - I went for Argosy as it seemed most 'French' of all the projects. Happy touring and knitting :o)