Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tour de France

The Tour kicked off Saturday morning. The riders have spent years preparing themselves physically and emotionally for the gruelling race. I have prepared for weeks to be able to knit along with them. I collected my yarn, the pattern, I even swatched to select the needles which would give me just the right effect.

And then I headed off to a family reunion. Sometimes, you have to pick your priorities. I spent the afternoon with people that I share a history with, descended from two brothers who crossed an ocean to settle in a lonely open prairie in hopes of something better.

They gave me the chance to grow up in a great country where we can pretty much say and do as we like without fear. Women can be anything they like and my daughter has every opportunity she could hope for.

Even if all she really wants is a popsicle and her Baba.

My project for the Tour is the Juno Regina wrap which I hope to wear to my sister's wedding in August. It is progressing well even though my yarn is incredibly fine. I think it's close to a cobweb yarn in silk and seacell that I bought in Vancouver last year.

I did an extra repeat of the diamond pattern to add some width and hope to make it about 65 inches long which is my approximate wingspan.

The burgandy diamonds do photograph well. Lace is hard to predict. You never really know how it will end until you block it. It is like a bike race where you never really know who will cross the finish line first until you see the photo finish.

Wish me luck! I have several feet of stocking stitch ahead of me but I hope to end with a flourish.


T. said...

We do live in the best place ever. Especially for women. To be able to have choices and independence. Go Canada!
Now I'll get off my high horse.
Nice stole. The diamonds look awesome.

Metta said...

I think in some ways the life in Sweden is a little similar to the life in Canada, so I can imagine what it is like. It gives you opportunities to have a good life.

Your Juno Regina looks great in that burgandy yarn. I wish you luck with the middle part in stocking stitch.

Emily said...

Go, cyclist, go!