Thursday, July 10, 2008

For the Love of France

As part of the TdF KAL they have a few contests along the way (this is a highly organized KAL).

In order to enter this intermediate sprint contest, I need to either discuss how my project is related to the Tour, how I relate to cycling OR how much I love France.

I'll go with the loving of France. Because I do. Love. It.

Our best picture of the trip

In 2002, I visited this hallowed place. We stayed with a friend just outside of Versailles and got to spend about 5 days in and around Paris.

I have to say if there is one place in the world I would drop everything to go to, it would be France. It has such a magnificent feeling about it. The wine, the food, the scarf-wearing ladies, the architecture, the museums, the language, the Left bank, the shopping. My love and I got sick and tired of continually saying "wow" and "amazing". You quickly lose your ability to provide adequate adjectives to such a place.

One of my favorite memories was packing up a lunch, of baguettes and cheese of course, and eating it at Versailles near Marie Antoinette's village. She had a little village made for her on the grounds of Versailles, because she wanted to feel like a commoner, in the privacy of her own home. She was quite the lady that Marie.

The Queen's Hamlet

The Orangerie

We got to experience a bomb scare at the Louvre. I think you really can't have an authentic visit to Paris without a bomb scare.

I bought stockings in an amazing department store in Paris. I still have them. I think all women should own a pair of French stockings.

When my mom and dad went to France they brought me home Toile. I actually made a knitting bag for J. out of some of it. I have a fascination with all things toile and dream of wall-papering one room in my house in it. I think maybe because I see it as "girly" and there is not much girly about me, or anything else in the house.

Our last night in Paris

My husband promises to take me back one day. Maybe to go see Le Tour, or maybe just to stroll down the Rive Gauche and eat some croissants and drink a cafe au lait.

Either way, I can't wait.


J. said...

You're looking rather rouge in that picture. Perhaps it was the wine?

I'd love to return to France, too. There is really nothing like some pain au chocolat and a cafe au lait to start your day.

My favorite thing about the Louvre was the unexpected coffee shop the Dude and I found at just the moment we needed it most.

And toile that bathroom. It can be your sanctuary from the penises.

Metta said...

I also think Paris is an amazing city. It has everything you mention: food, wine, art, architecture, the Champs Elysées. The special feeling when you sit at the cafées watching people passing by. It is like an open air theatre.

The first time I came to Paris was in 1952 (yes you know my age) as "au pair". I loved the city from the first moment and still do. I have been back a couple of times with my husband. The last time about 10 years ago and hope to be back again some time.

I hope your husband will keep his promises to take you back to Paris and France.

andi said...

Wow. Gorgeous pictures, T. You and the man look so young. So relaxed. Ah, pre-kid holidays - how I miss you.

Stacy said...

I'm with you... I love France something fierce. There is a feel there like no where else. I love your photos!