Sunday, July 20, 2008

In Flux

As a knitter, you always have your list of ongoing and upcoming projects. With the world of Ravelry, we often now refer to it as the queue. The dynamic, ever-changing lists of projects. Ones you will complete, ones you dream of completing and ones that just peak your interest.

My Ravelry queue is ridiculously large, and there's truly no way I'll ever complete what's in it. Or for that matter, I'll never want to complete it all. When I see a pattern I like, I add. It's like a bookmark and reminder. It doesn't mean I have the yarn to make it, or even really anticipate making it, but I'll queue it. I think of my Ravelry queue as my dream list.

Then there's the real queue. The one that I run through my mind. What am I working on now, what has to be next, what do I want to be next. It's the one that I really try and keep to.

Currently, I'm working on my Lady Sweater. It's got a defined end date of Sunday with the end of the TdF. It's looking promising.

So. What's next?

This is always the question.

I really want to make Stinky's Thing 1 sweater to match Punky's. Punky keeps asking me about it, and they're only little for such a short time. Currently, that's what I'll do next.

Then, well, there's a baby coming. I didn't realize it was coming so quickly. I am aware that all babies incubate for +/- 9 months. But it always seems to go quicker (when it's not incubating in your own womb). So I gotta get some baby stuff going.

Then there's Rockin' Sock Club. I never did the May sock club and that's weighing on me.

The yarn is definitely not my favorite color, but it is beautiful yarn and will make a good present. I don't like to see it lingering.

Then there's the other sock for my Love's father's day present.

He deserves to have these finished. He's the best dad, and he really appreciates the hand-made socks. They need to get done.

Then there's the thing I just want to do for the heck of it. Matching Cobblestone's for my boys for Christmas. Yes, Christmas is a long ways away, but with Stinky always asking me "my sh-weater??" how can I not make him one.

Yes, he's hugging the yarn. He really wants a "ba-lue sh-weater".

The list is In-Flux. Constantly re-arranging it. Changing it. But I'm enjoying the planning, the thinking and, as always, the knitting.


J. said...

My next projects are always in limbo, too. I'm trying to get through a few things before the baby comes and changes all my plans again.

Amanda said...

Oh how well I can identify with you! I've just joined a queue knit down on Ravelry. Its mainly to get me to actually look at my queue and not just dream about it. Of course I quickly snuck in all the projects currently in my mental queue ;)

Anonymous said...

My twins always ask me if whatever it is I'm knitting is their's.