Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fait Accompli

The Tour de France will ride into the City of Light tomorrow morning. Some riders will be heartbroken, some will drink champagne. I will be sitting on my couch with a cafe au lait and my Juno Regina wrapped around my neck. I have earned my White Jersey and am well pleased with myself.

I was unsure of my yarn choice earlier on in the knitting process. It seemed too fine, too gauzy but now I love the delicate lace and the softness of the silk. And nothing beats the smell of the sea as you mist your seacell yarn into submission on the blocking board. It's just the right size to wrap around my shoulders for my sister's wedding and will make a lovely neck scarf in the fall. Perfectly Parisian!

Once I finished my big challenge for the Tour, I managed to finish up a pair of socks that had been lingering on the needles.

These Froot Loops are my second pair and are knit in Fleece Artist Seawool. Funny how the second sock seems a bit more green than the first. Charming, none the less.

And my July STR came on Tuesday after leaving the hive last Friday. Excellent work, postal services! I am not sure how I feel about the pastel colours. I love the minty green bits but salmon pink is not my thing. There were two patterns including in this month's mailout and I've decided to knit the Gumdrops.

My yarn seems to be pooling in funny ways, but I've decided to go with it. Last night, while I tossed and turned, I had visions of frogging this sock and starting again, but I have decided against it. I am going to knit the pair and let the yarn do what it wants. I am giving up control of the pooling because after all, these are just socks. Delightful socks in a yarn that is fast becoming my favorite, but they still will be worn on my feet under the cover of a pantleg and some cute shoes.


Donna Lee said...

Congrats on finishing! I hope I'll be as successful although I know it won't happen before Monday morning. I have some sock club yarn whose colors i love but they pool in an unattractive manner and I can't make myself let it go. I'm thinking I'll have to make a hat or a small scarf with it.

Amanda said...

Your Juno is fabulous and I love the colour.

betseydoodle said...

Congrats on:
Finishing Juno & getting the white jersey


finishing those lingering frootloops!

Both look excellent!

Devorah said...

Congratulations on your win! The scarf is stunning!

T. said...

oh la la!!

Emily said...

Hey, well done. Very Parisian, indeed.

Loving these fruit loop socks as much as the last.

Anonymous said...

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