Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I want to introduce you to my lady sweater.

I'm currently in love with her. Deeply and madly in love.

Unfortunately I've been too busy to spend much time with her lately.

I've had this to deal with.

Poor me, right?


J. said...

It's coming along nicely, if only you could keep your Ravelry page up to date.

The Little Man looks very handsome and the Princess would like to know if he has a date for Friday night. She's forward like that.

catknip said...

You'll have to be screening his dates pretty soon he's so handsome! I saw the sweater in person and I have to say it looks amazing!

Stacy said...

Pretty sweater and cute kid - you are lucky indeed!

Metta said...

It seems you have passed me with at least 4" now, so I have to hurry. Just kidding. Your FLS looks very nice in that light color, so very different from my navy blue cotton.

What a good-looking young man!

Amanda said...

That is too cute (the little man in the suit!). Looking forward to seeing the completed sweater.

dog mama said...

Didn't you want to just hug and squeeze him to death when he's all dolled up and looking SOOOO cute! Sometimes I can't stop attacking Mayson with hugs when she is looking so cute.