Thursday, July 31, 2008

Long weekend preparations

I don't work Fridays.

Actually, I don't work outside the home on Fridays. I work AT home. I love never being at work on Fridays. Especially when it's a long weekend. It's like getting a supersized extra long weekend. Good times.

So I started this one with a beer on the patio (in my backyard) and my long-awaited copy of the Knitting Workshop. I put in a request for an interlibrary loan months ago, and the library called me today to tell me it was in.

In it, I found one of the coolest EZ patterns I've seen. Actually they are all amazing, but this one is gorgeous.

If you have a Rav account go here. If you go here there is another version, just not fully finished. Love it.

The black and white ultra mod construction is too nice. I need to make this sweater.

Along with my Ravelympics project, finish Stinky's Thing 1, knit some baby stuff and get started on Christmas things.

But how long do you think it would take to crank out a garter stitch cardigan?? Shouldn't take too long, right???



J. said...

EZ strikes again! Her stuff is so classic that people just keep right on knitting it. Take the February sweater for example. Published decades ago and as soon as someone makes an adult version, we all went nuts.

So. What are you going to knit this out of? What colours?

T. said...

And this is all turned on it's head again - with the Twist Collective published today - AGGGGGH.

catknip said...

It's almost Chanel-ish

Amanda said...

Its obviously meant to be and we all know the EZ's work is meant to be easy!

Metta said...

Due to very hot weather in Sweden for the past 2 weeks I hardly have opened my computer, less made any comments.

T. I love your FLS. Mine is also ready now. You can see it on my blog.

There you will also find a line, where I give your blog an award, being one of my favorites.

I have finished my 16th pair of socks, Spring Forward. I loved the pattern and can recommend it.

Here in Sweden we have a special blog for the Olympics knitting. I will knit Argosy and will use the Noro yarn I received from you. I think it will do great.