Friday, January 7, 2011

Birthday Cookies

It's funny how quickly a project can go when you really enjoy the pattern. I cast on these socks on New Year's Day and I cast off yesterday.

As you would expect from a Cookie A pattern, these were challenging. There are 4 pages of charts to work through and get lost in.
(Pointelle by Cookie A in Knit.Sock.Love knit in Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere)

I love how the pattern becomes clear as you knit along, watching a lace pattern turn into diagonal ribs that run into each other and then give way to lace again. I love how once you knit the heel flap and turn the corner, you only have to worry about patterns on the top of your sock and the rest is simple knitting. I love how pretty these socks turned out.

I love that I will get the chance to knit all the patterns in this book if I like and I love that these will be on my feet for my birthday.


T. said...

YEAH!! They are gorgeous. Love the colour.

Lauren said...

I love the colour too! They are beautiful!

Sarah said...

Fast Bake Cookies! They're great

Amanda said...

Gorgeous socks!