Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Start

It's a New Year and I'm turning over a new leaf.

Having a friend move to the other side of the world is a difficult thing. You have to learn all about time zones and mail deadlines. You have to talk less and text more. You have to accept being covered in snow while your friend goes to the beach. You have to find ways of keeping in touch.

T and I have managed to do all of the above. (But I still miss her. Christmas was hard.) And now, in an effort to continue to do things that are normal for us, we're starting the Knit.Sock.Love knit along on Ravelry. Cookie's new book is bright, colourful and inspiring and after a season of knitting mostly plain socks for men or kids, I'm excited to start working my way through this book. Each month, the knit a long chooses two patterns to knit. Each knitter can knit one or both if they like. This month, we're starting with Pointelle and Hedera. I'll be attempting to knit myself a pair of the former for my birthday on the 12th. (That was not a shameless plug. It was more of a statement of intent.)
My hopes for the knit along are many. I hope that I manage to work through a number of challenging and pretty patterns. I hope to participate in the knit a long on line and with my dear friend. I hope to stockpile socks for gifts and for myself. (I picture my own little sock store where I can shop when I wear through a pair.) And I hope that we'll have something to talk about, if you're interested.

I also hope that it keeps me busy until Ysolda's new book comes out, cause the only thing better than a new pair of socks is a new sweater.


Metta said...

Wish you both A Happy New Year!

I have missed you and I was so happy to find your new start. I would love to join your new knitalong but for the moment my knitting is on hold due to a broken wrist that needed surgery. Unfortunately the recovery is very slow. Hope to soon be knitting again.
Love Metta

J. said...

Oh, Metta! I'm sorry to hear about your wrist. Take care of yourself. You'll be knitting soon.

And it's nice to be back.

J. said...
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T. said...

We're baaaack.

Amanda said...

Lovely to have you back again. And a Happy Knitty Year!