Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dude!

You know how sometimes you notice little things about the people in your life that make you appreciate them?

Well, this weekend was like that for me. My husband works long hours. He tells me he is very busy and important. Well, on Friday night, he was home at 5. That might be a record.

On Saturday, it snowed. And by snowed, I mean the snowflakes started falling Friday night and continued well into Sunday morning. There are little flurries of snow outside right now. At last count, we received over 30 cm of snow. (That's about a foot.) The Dude shovelled. He shovelled again. He shovelled once more then again. He pushed our neighbours cars out of snow drifts. He drove us around to do our errands and never once made us feel like we were in danger. (There's nothing better than a man who makes you feel safe.)

When our date night got cancelled (we didn't want our babysitters to have to drive in such crappy weather), he piled us into our car and took us to the local pizza joint.

So today, I celebrate the little things that my husband does that make our lives better. And today I celebrate another year that he's been in my life. Happy Birthday, Dude!

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T. said...

Gorgeous pic. And Happy Birthday old man.