Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I learned on summer holidays

I spent the last 3 weeks in Hawaii.

I know - you all feel real sorry for me.

In an effort to not end up in a psychiatric institute for my first major holiday away from family, we decided to meet with family "half-way" (it's really more 2/3 - 1/3 way, but that's not important).

We spent a lot of time doing nothing. We hung out with my sister and her family and visited beaches and ate shave ice and bought ukeleles and saw celebrities (well, my sister did). It was perfect. It also reminded me of a lot of things I enjoy doing and just don't seem to have the time to do.



My love of knitting have waned a bit over the last few months. I blame Jo. Her not being around to keep me on my toes has had an effect on my production. But I'm hopeful that 2011 will bring heaps of finished objects.

I read good books. Books I couldn't put down and wanted to stay up all night to read (I didn't of course, but at least had the urge to). I have decided to try and broaden my reading horizons in 2011 and only read things I want to. Have you read an amazing book lately? Let me know.


J. said...

Seriously? It's my fault? That's stretching it, T.

I'm reading Anna Karenina. It's a commitment. I'll let you know how I like it.

Sarah said...

I just read a trashy couldn't put downer by LIsa Gardner - great if you're in the mood for a thriller. Happy new Year dear - sounds like a great holiday and nice to see you back here.

Amanda said...

I'm reading James Joyce's Ulysses and loving it. For years I was too afraid to read it and now I wonder why.

T. said...

It so glad to hear from you ladies again -and thanks for the book recommendations.

J. said...

Ulysses sounds interesting. I have to admit that I've been a little afraid to read it, too.

Anyone ever read Moby Dick?

Amanda said...

Moby Dick is a must read. One of those great classic worth reading at least once a decade!

T. said...

Ok - next up Moby Dick.
Jo - a read-a-long?

J. said...

Ok. I have to finish Anna Karenina first, ok? Pick a date. How about March 21? Spring/Fall equinox depending on where you are.