Thursday, January 20, 2011

Freo Fighter

I have learned that Australians love to shorten everything. The afternoon is the arvo; biscuits are bikkies; and Fremantle (the port of Perth) is Freo. We live relatively close to the ocean and in the summer a strong south western breeze blows in from Fremantle. It's known as the Fremantle Doctor and it makes summer bearable here. Actually today, I was quite cold with the breeze blowing in.

Introducing the cutest, most knitterly way to deal with the Doctor.

The Peyton cardigan from the Twist Collective. Plain, but cute. Warm, but not too warm.

It's knit in a fingering weight cotton from Bendigo Mills - thanks to Amanda for introducing me to Bendigo!

I've already worn it a couple times, and know this will be well worn. Not a bad way to kick off my 2011 knitting.

Now onto some Cookie socks and a baby blankie....


J. said...

It looks great!

Luch said...

It's a lovely cardi Teri! =)

Sarah said...

Very cute indeed

T. said...

Thanks Ladies!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a real Goldilocks cardi - just right!