Sunday, January 30, 2011

Showing off Australia

Time has passed quickly this January. My parents arrived at the beginning of the month and we've spent the last 3 weeks showing off Perth in all it's glory.

I think the highlight for my dad was the kangaroos.

He said it wouldn't be Australia if he didn't see kangaroos. So we delivered. We called him the kangaroo-whisperer. Not bad for a farm boy from Saskatchewan.

My mom on the other hand has the "take the bloody picture now before I pee my pants" look about her.
We even got a chance to have a quick family picture taken (this almost never happens - all cleaned up and sitting pretty).

And to top if off, I made a scarf. It's a silk-bamboo yarn blend from Kauai - soft and light and perfect for summer.
Next up - February. It should bring finished socks and maybe a sweater started....just maybe.


J. said...

I think you described your Mom's expression very well.

And I love the family picture. Your boys have grown so much!

And when I come, I want to see a platypus. Just saying.

Amanda said...

Great photos and lovely scarf. And remember Feb also brings the "real" summer heat!

T. said...

There is no platypus at the Perth zoo OR at the wildlife park. I have yet to see one, but I will make it my goal to further research this for your arrival.

J. said...

Thanks. I appreciate that.

Metta said...

It must have been wonderful having your parents visiting you in Perth.
I love your pictures of the family and your father looks so happy among the kangaroos.
Your scarf looks lovely!