Tuesday, October 9, 2007


It's a Tuesday after a long weekend. Tuesdays after long weekends aren't good, let alone Tuesdays after long weekends, post-holidays. My favorite radio DJ referred to today as a Mega-Monday. I have to agree. I was back at work for 30 minutes and it was like I never left.

In an effort to be positive (I've had other attempts in the past. I'm not the world's best "Glass is Half-full" person), I'm thinking of everything that is fabulous.

My new shoes:

My Hanami (I think the color is Fabulous):

Our Fall 2007 Photo shoot (how many attempts does it take to get 1 good picture?? It takes about 20 attempts to get 20 ridiculous pictures)

My new nephew (what isn't fabulous about that??):

And Last but NOT Least, J. She's pretty fabulous. Did you read her Knitting in today's society series. Pure brilliance. And the quote of the day from J. While having lunch we were philosophizing (is that a word?) about kids. I said God must have had some reason to give me 2 boys - not sure what the reason was, but there must be one. Response from J: "There is only enough room in your house for your shoes". Nice. I think I found the reason. Fabulous!


Lauren said...

Love the shoes, love the pics, love the Hanami. Love it!

J. said...

I'm blushing.

catknip said...

It's too bad we don't have the same size feet.

andi said...

Classic J comment! And I loved the pictures. Adorable.