Monday, October 29, 2007

What do you do when....

- your "friend" is holding yarn hostage so you agree to go to SnB tonight. Yarn to knit this (little green clutch) and possibly this (see one recently completed by J.).

- your almost 4- year old wants to invite everyone in his class to his birthday party, and you barely know all the kids (let alone their parents) names?

- you have a knitting project stalled and you can't decide to finish, or to frog (currently leaning towards ribbit-ribbit)?

- this is your option for dress clothes for your 3-year old. Check out the description - nice polyester, elasticized waist pants. Lovely. The options for boys are limited to: cotton khaki pants and ugly poly pants. That's it. Nothing in between. Nothing cute or a little bit trendy. Nothing.

- you have the urge to drum and knit at the same time (I don't, but some people might). Well, you do what this guy does.

- you are almost out of yarn for this (yarn which you bought over a year ago so you know you're never going to find the same dye lot)

and you are completely out of yarn for this (for the second time...). You'd think as a pharmacist my math skills would be somewhat exceptional. I think this proves they are barely passable.
What do you do?


Lauren said...

Oh dear - I think someone needs a knitting vacation. Step away from the needles! Step away from the yarn!

I prescribe one grande eggnog latte, stat. I can do this because pharmacists are allowed to prescribe.

J. said...

Hey, are the eggnog lattes out yet? (T. likes hers extra hot with whip. I prefer the gingerbread latte myself.)

And I am not a baad influence. You need to get out and relax a little. Besides, drinks are on me.

catknip said...

In my experience knitting, like death and taxes, will always be there. So I think it may be time for another yarn crawl(!). I'll be in the office in 20 minutes - we can stop for lattes on the way. I prefer green tea.

T. said...

Thanks for the support ladies. I wish the Eggnog lattes were out - it's usually Nov1 (I know these important dates).