Friday, October 5, 2007

The One With Shows, Shoes and Not Much Knitting

I was gone, now I'm back and I'm exhausted.

Last Saturday - there was a wedding. I have no pics because I left the camera at home. The Tuscany did make an appearance. Everyone kept asking what color there's would be knit in (Please refer to J's description of the Why-don't-you-knit-for-me-ers).

Then there was Vegas. There was gambling, drinking, shopping and just plain fun.

Shopping included shoes (have I ever confessed my undying love for shoes). Three pairs to be exact. Three fabulous pairs. Look at these lovelies modeled by my sister and I (her feet are a size 13, mine a 12. Not the easiest sizes for finding shoes).

This is how much knitting gets done in a week of endless activities. Actually, the first half of this was complete before we left. So, I got literally one inch of knitting complete in a week. At this pace, I'll have 9.25 socks done by Christmas 2011.

And now it's Thanksgiving.

I'm giving thanks for this....10 years and counting.


J. said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

(Your husband looks a little stunned. You can tell him I said that.)

And hey, nice shoes!

andi said...

3 pairs? You rocked the shoe-buying. It looks like a fabulous time.

Lauren said...

Congrats on your 10 year anniversary! That is very exciting!!

I'm so happy about your shoe success in Vegas. I can't wait to hear about each pair.

T. said...

Who doesn't love shoes - seriously???

catknip said...

TEN WHOLE YEARS! wow. i'm in awe. still so much love (sniff)