Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Knitting in Today's Society

Episode 3: The Knittee

Most knitters knit largely for other people. Sure we'll make ourselves a pair of socks or a scarf now and then. We may even invest time in a lace project but the majority of knitters give away their projects. Recipients can vary in their appreciation of the knitted gift. Let's examine them now.

A) The Oh-You-Shouldn't-Have

The OYSHs often don't care for handmade items. They may view them as tacky or low brow. If you have to knit for a OYSH, I recommend nothing more taxing than a dishcloth. And they probably won't even appreciate that.

B) The Child Model

CMs are usually the children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren of knitters. We knit for them until such time that they become embarrassed by their hand knits. This occurs at an earlier age for girls. Socks are a possible exception.
The reason CMs get a lot of hand knits is that they are irresistible. Case in point.

Moving on.

C) The I'm-Allergic-to-Wool/Wool-is-too-Hot

IStW/WitHs are difficult. They seem to some up with every excuse in the book not to wear your hand knits.

My husband is a WitH. This year I plan on outsmarting him. My plan will be revealed in the fullness of time. Let's just say that investigating alternate fibres may be a way of inducing the IStW/WitH to appreciate your handiwork.

D) The Have-Nots

HN are too abundant. They are lost lambs without anyone to knit for them. Knitters find ways of giving to HNs in their communities or around the world. HNs are the most appreciative knittees. Imagine you have a scary home or no home at all. You're sick or alone. One day, a scarf, a hat, a bear arrives just for you. Someone spent hours knitting on this special piece. They've knit in love for someone they don't even know. It just fills you up inside that you, whatever dwarf you are, have that power.

It's October. You're probably busy whipping up Christmas knits. I know I am. Let me just give you some links and if you're feeling like you'd like your knits to be appreciated, have a gander.

Find a Charity Near You

Let me know if there are organizations that you donate to. Let's give a little knitting to some HNs.

Ok. So T. will be back soon to recount her adventures. Be sure to tell her what I great job I did of holding down the blog.

School's Out.


catknip said...

Love the Tomten and Eva certainly does a great job modelling! Dennis is an "I'll wear anything" person (his wardrobe prior to meeting me) so I have it pretty lucky.

andi said...

I love knitting for the kids. They're just so nice and small (not to mention adorable - just look at your little Monkey in the Tomten - so cute!)

Lauren said...

Ava looks adorable in her large socks (and Tomten jacket)!

I know the YWCA in Edmonton has a "Y Knit" program to distribute hats, scarves, etc. to shelters in the area.

J. said...

Good work, Lauren! Thanks for the tip.

And yes, little people need little knits which are much faster to complete. Hurray for the FO!