Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Knitting in Today's Society

Episode 2: The Knitter

It would be simple to say that there are knitters and non-knitters and that is that. However, I think we have already determined that there are a number of different types of non-knitters. It would follow, then, that there are a variety of knitters as well. As long as you are not knitting in a vaccuum, you have the opportunity to study different knitters in their natural habitat, the knitting group or the beloved local yarn store. Watch your fellow knitters carefully. You may learn a great deal from them, even if that if just to avoid their bad habits.

I think that analogies work well for most people so we will look at the various types of knitters as the Seven Dwarfs. Work with me, here. I think I'm getting somewhere.

Bashful- These knitters are sensitive about their knitting. They may even be self conscious about the fact that they knit. They often knit only in the seclusion of their own homes. A Bashful knitter would never KIP. Denial is common. Thankfully there are support groups who can draw Bashful knitters into the light.

Doc- Docs think they know a lot about knitting and are not afraid to share their knowledge with the knitters around them. Unfortunately, not all Docs are actually the experts they believe themselves to be. If you find an expert Doc, stay in contact with them. They are excellent resources and are delighted to share their expertise with anyone who will listen. And even some who won't.

Dopey- Dopey knitters try their best but are plagued with bad luck. They drop stitches, add stitches, twist stitches. I am happy to report that most Dopey knitters don't care about what their projects look like. They enjoy the process of knitting and would gladly frog a sweater to have the pleasure of knitting it again. Dopey knitters can progress in skill and become Happy knitters. The difference is in the finished product.

Grumpy- Oh, dear. I think we all know a Grumpy knitter or two. Perhaps you find yourself doing a little Grumpy knitting on occassion. I find myself grumping when I'm almost done a project, especially one that hasn't lived up to my high expectations, and I just want to be done. I'm annoyed with the knitting and seaming (Does anyone actually like finishing?) and I probably end up making a mistake of royal proportions just so that I can be done. Patience is a virtue and unfortunately, not a dwarf.

Happy- Ah, to be a Happy knitter all the time! I just love the Happy Knitter. They love whatever they're doing with whatever yarn they have and always turn out beautiful, perfect knitting. And if they weren't so nice about it, you'd probably hate them.

Sleepy-I confess to sometimes sliding into Sleepy knitting. You know, you've had a long day and you're nice and comfy on the couch. Your loved one of choice has poured you a nice hot toddy/glass of red wine/hot apple cider and you're drifting and knitting. Now, there's nothing wrong with letting your knitting sooth you into a state of semi-consciousness but be ware of the mistakes which can ensue. Be ware! Be ware!

Sneezy-Allergies are a bitch, no?

Everyone can find themselves being one or another of these Knitting Dwarfs at any time. Acceptance is the first step to recovery so feel free to tap your fellow knitter on the shoulder and say something like "Hey, T! Stop you're Grumping! It's time to be Happy cause we're meeting Bashful and Doc at the SnB for some kipping. Good thing it isn't Sneezy season!"

Everyone has their favorite Dwarf. This one is mine.

Join me next time for an insightful look into the people we knit for , or as I like to call them, Knittees. Time for recess!


andi said...

Oh my God, J! I'm laughing my ass off over here. That was fantastic. I alternate between the last 3 dwarfs - you always knew my height-impaired self was a dwarf, didn't you?

J. said...

I was not thinking of you specifically when I wrote that but if you related to it than I'm glad. (Was that the right response? I don't think you're THAT short...)